73 Wins in a Row

FX Velocity recorded 10 more wins last week to gain another three percent.

We are currently long 18 contracts on the EURCHF and we are prepared for it to go even lower. The trade is at a two percent drawdown, five times less than our max drawdown of 9.6%

Five other positions – including a short on CADJPY and long NZDUSD – await their imminent profit.

. . . This will continue. As long as we are in keeping with the trading system at hand, this will continue. This is not a mere prediction or some boastful assertion. This is an observation – an empirical fact that is drawn from an undeniable and clear pattern that cycles with the same certainty as day and night.

Inasmuch, we cannot claim to be the creators of this trading system. It was learned, as the markets, like any other natural occurrence, suggest from themselves how they should be addressed. FX Velocity is the reflection of an uncanny, hidden phenomenon that has emerged in the markets and we are simply surfing along as it plays out.

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